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Should he assume that the German construction company would take after the German clothing retailer or, instead, the British construction company? Unfortunately, the client sent a new representative to every meeting. Many came from different business units and had grown up in different countries. Eventually he determined that they were all punctual, deadline-oriented, and tolerant of unconventional advertising messages.

From that, he was able to infer much about the character of their employer. You will not disarm your foreign hosts, guests, or colleagues simply by showing you understand their culture; your actions and demeanor must prove that you have already to some extent entered their world. They, in turn, become more trusting and open.

Commonsense reasoning

You will not disarm your foreign hosts simply by showing you understand their culture; your actions must prove that you have entered their world. Henri, a French manager at Aegis, a media corporation, followed the national custom of greeting his female clients with a hug and a kiss on both cheeks. In another instance, a Hispanic community leader in Los Angeles and an Anglo-American businessman fell into conversation at a charity event. As the former moved closer, the latter backed away. Adapting to a new culture involves overcoming obstacles and setbacks. People can do that only if they believe in their own efficacy.

If they persevered in the face of challenging situations in the past, their confidence grew. Confidence is always rooted in mastery of a particular task or set of circumstances. By contrast, a person with high motivation will, upon confronting obstacles, setbacks, or even failure, reengage with greater vigor.

To stay motivated, highly efficacious people do not depend on obtaining rewards, which may be unconventional or long delayed. The conflict became so intense and so public that a senior manager had to intervene. Although many managers would have felt chastened after that, Moon struggled even harder to gain control, which he eventually did by convincing the sales manager that the air bags could make the car more marketable.

Although he had no experience with cross-functional teams, his successes with single-function teams had given him the confidence to persevere. At the end of , U. At the time of the merger, Mercury was a decorous, understated, hierarchical company known for doing business in the manner of an earlier generation. Merrill, by contrast, was informal, fast-paced, aggressive, and entrepreneurial. Both companies had employees of many nationalities. Visiting Mercury about six months after the merger announcement, we were greeted by Chris, a Mercury personnel manager dressed in khakis and a knit shirt.

Surprised by the deviation from his usual uniform of gray or navy pinstripes, we asked him what had happened. He told us that Merrill had instituted casual Fridays in its own offices and then extended the policy on a volunteer basis to its UK sites. The intention, he thought, was to draw the two enterprises closer together. Chris also identified a liking for casual dress as probably an American cultural trait. Not all Mercury managers were receptive to the change, however. Some went along with casual Fridays for a few weeks, then gave up.

Others never doffed their more formal attire, viewing the new policy as a victory of carelessness over prudence and an attempt by Merrill to impose its identity on Mercury, whose professional dignity would suffer as a result. In short, the Mercury resisters did not understand the impulse behind the change head ; they could not bring themselves to alter their appearance body ; and they had been in the Mercury environment for so long that they lacked the motivation heart to see the experiment through. To put it even more simply, they dreaded being mistaken for Merrill executives.

How would you behave in a similar situation? Attaining a high absolute score is not the objective. Most managers fit at least one of the following six profiles. By answering the questions in the exhibit, you can decide which one describes you best. The provincial can be quite effective when working with people of similar background but runs into trouble when venturing farther afield. Soon he was asked to lead a team at Saturn, an autonomous division of GM. The most common form of analyst realizes pretty quickly he is in alien territory but then ascertains, usually in stages, the nature of the patterns at work and how he should interact with them.

Deirdre, for example, works as a broadcast director for a London-based company. Her principal responsibility is negotiating contracts with broadcast media owners. Instead of forcing a showdown with the managers who resisted, she held one-on-one meetings in which she probed their reasons for resisting, got them together to share ideas, and revised the negotiating strategy to incorporate approaches they had found successful. The revised strategy was more culturally flexible than the original proposal—and the managers chose to cooperate.

The natural relies entirely on his intuition rather than on a systematic learning style. He is rarely steered wrong by first impressions. When I come into a new situation, I watch everyone for a few minutes and then I get a general sense of what is going on and how I need to act. The ambassador , like many political appointees, may not know much about the culture he has just entered, but he convincingly communicates his certainty that he belongs there.

Among the managers of multinational companies we have studied, the ambassador is the most common type. His confidence is a very powerful component of his cultural intelligence. Some of it may be derived from watching how other managers have succeeded in comparable situations. The mimic has a high degree of control over his actions and behavior, if not a great deal of insight into the significance of the cultural cues he picks up.

Mimicry definitely puts hosts and guests at ease, facilitates communication, and builds trust. Mimicry is not, however, the same as pure imitation, which can be interpreted as mocking. This really makes a difference to newcomers to China because they often are a bit threatened by the place.

The chameleon possesses high levels of all three CQ components and is a very uncommon managerial type. He or she even may be mistaken for a native of the country.

One of them is Nigel, a British entrepreneur who has started businesses in Australia, France, and Germany. The son of diplomats, Nigel grew up all over the world. Most of his childhood, however, was spent in Saudi Arabia. After several successes of his own, some venture capitalists asked him to represent them in dealings with the founder of a money-losing Pakistani start-up. To the founder, his company existed chiefly to employ members of his extended family and, secondarily, the citizens of Lahore.

The VCs, naturally, had a different idea. They were tired of losses and wanted Nigel to persuade the founder to close down the business. Upon relocating to Lahore, Nigel realized that the interests of family and community were not aligned. Throughout the negotiations, he displayed an authoritative style appropriate to the Pakistani setting. In relatively short order, the managers and the family agreed to terminate operations. Many managers, of course, are a hybrid of two or more of the types.

We discovered in our survey of more than 2, managers that even more prevalent than the ambassador was a hybrid of that type and the analyst. I then realized they must have thought they were greeting me in a friendly way. So I went back to talk to the group.

The Three Sources of Cultural Intelligence

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They asked me why I was so angry, I explained, they apologized profusely, and we all sat down and had tea and an interesting talk about how the wrong words can easily cause trouble. During our conversation, I brought up a number of examples of how Arabic expressions uttered in the wrong way or by the wrong person could spark an equivalent reaction in them. After spending about an hour with them, I had some new friends. The young men had provoked her by trying, ineptly, to ingratiate themselves by using a bit of current slang from her native land.

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Forgetting in her anger that she was the stranger, she berated them for what was an act of cultural ignorance, not malice. Unlike other aspects of personality, cultural intelligence can be developed in psychologically healthy and professionally competent people. The individual examines his CQ strengths and weaknesses in order to establish a starting point for subsequent development efforts. Ideally, a manager will undergo a variety of assessments. The person selects training that focuses on her weaknesses. For example, someone lacking physical CQ might enroll in acting classes. Someone lacking cognitive CQ might work on developing his analogical and inductive reasoning—by, for example, reading several business case studies and distilling their common principles.

The general training set out above is applied. Note: Anxiety disorders are the most common of all mental health problems, with up to 1 in 4 adults experiencing them in their lifetime.

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Talk therapy can be an incredibly powerful tool for managing your anxiety in and out of the office. Anger, pride, and anxiety all serve their purposes in life, and eliminating them entirely should never be the goal of your efforts.

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Others will steal your ideas and run with them at the pace you wish you could.